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Care Plan Services

It's vital to your website and your business to protect your investment.

Starting at only $99/mo + Hosting & SSL Addon Available

Effective website maintenance requires a strategy with fail safes and routines to keep your website always showing its best self to your potential customers.

WordPress Website Maintenance: Are you protecting one of your most vital investment?

Most websites are never maintained. This is a huge problem for your business. When something goes wrong, you need help to get it fixed ASAP and that’s the biggest benefit of a care plan.
Unfortunately, every website is vulnerable to hackers through bots finding weaknesses in your website to exploit. They often break in by finding out of date plugins or themes.
You may not even know it, but soon your website will crash, share private information, or suddenly become blacklisted by Google since many hackers secretly use your email to send out spam. I see hacking attempts on the websites I manage every day, but I have premium tools in place to stop them and keep your website secure.

Ready to protect your investment?

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