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Watch My Website Stripdown with David Waumsley


David Waumsley invited me to have a chat about how I built our portfolio site for his Beaver Builder Website Stripdown series on YouTube (his channel is awesome – go check it out!). He’s a really nice dude and very easy to talk to, so I really enjoyed the experience of nerding out over different topics revolving around web design.

In WordPress groups on Facebook, I am often asked about how I built certain aspects of our portfolio for Rove Consulting. So when David asked me to do a “Website Stripdown”, I thought our portfolio site would be a good one to review. That way, anyone who has questions about how it was built can always refer back to the video and his channel for other helpful tips and tricks.

Our portfolio site has been an ongoing process that’s always evolving, but here’s a glimpse into the backend. I hope it gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own site, and feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Thank you to David for this fun opportunity to talk about one of my favorite topics – WordPress web design!


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