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The Urban Hive’s New HQ Launch Party in Sacramento

The Urban Hive
Acroyoga Performers at The Urban Hive’s Launch Party

The Urban Hive is a collective workspace in downtown Sacramento that was lit all night at the recent launch party for their new location. They celebrated their move to The Cannery – a super hip, loft-style floor plan that boasts expansive office spaces, industrial steel duct work, windows for days, bricks for weeks, and an unmistakable creative energy feel flowing through the whole place.

You walk in and instantly feel a buzz at The Urban Hive – even if you haven’t had your coffee yet. You just want to be there and get shit done. The party had a radio host, DJs, incredible art adorning the walls that you could truly get lost in, and an¬†Acroyoga performance by two very talented women (photo above) to enjoy while visitors roamed around and mingled.

The space itself is huge and loops around in one big circle with offices in the center and all around the sides. The layout made me want to strap into my roller skates and go for a few laps, but I don’t think that would have gone over too well, so I managed to refrain. My favorite part are all the over-sized couches, although they make me want to cuddle up and watch a movie more than getting any work done, so I’ll leave my cozy blankets at home.

Their website describes the space as:

We give you a kickass place to go; a place to work, connect, collaborate, learn, create, and (yes!) play with fellow innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Gar and I have been checking out the monthly WordPress Meetups at The Urban Hive after I attended Wordcamp 2017, which happened the same week that we moved to Sacramento last September.

The Urban Hive - Group Photo
Chrysti, from Tovani Design. exploring the new space with me and Gar

We saw a few familiar faces from Wordcamp and the Meetups at the New HQ’s Launch Party. We’re discovering that there’s a whole geeky community here in Sacramento that is full of people who like to get out, have some fun, and talk nerdy to each other. It gets a bit reclusive working from home all the time, and spaces like The Urban Hive open up new opportunities for us introverts to get out and “away-from-keyboard” for a while for some much needed socializing in the real world. Even coming from Portland, I feel like Sacramento has a lot more to offer in terms of networking and finding opportunities to collaborate and grow a thriving creative business in this city.

I look forward to checking out more events at The Urban Hive, and maybe eventually renting out some work space there. I can really get into that whole creative vibes thing when I’m around inspiring people who are doing cool things and bouncing ideas off each other. It makes me want to try new ideas, collaborate on projects, and feel more productive and satisfied with my work on a different level than I generally feel when I only work from home.

See you @ The Hive!


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