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The true value of a single happy customer…

Have you considered the lifetime value of a single happy customer? It’s easy to understand how your website can become an invaluable tool that’s worth every cent when you break down the lifetime value of every new customer.

Step 1: One new customer looks for your website and loves what they see.

Step 2: They buy your product or service and leave happy.

Step 3: They tell all their friends about it and they come check out your website.

Step 4: See 2.

Even just simple word of mouth could easily take over from here by other people seeing your new customer using the product or talking about the service to their friends and colleagues. But now, with social media, it quickly goes a huge leap even further.

If your customer checks-in to your business, then all their Yelp or Facebook friends see it and find out about you. This is easily achievable by offering an incentive to check-in with a sign near the register that says “10% off if you show us your check-in on Yelp”, for example. It works!

Then, say, they leave a review for your product on Google Places, Yelp, Amazon, or Facebook, now the whole world has the potential to be influenced by their positive experience. This could easily lead to dozens, even hundreds, of new customer leads by others seeing happy reviews on your pages.

Imagine what’s possible with giving your business this potential by having a business website custom built to perfection to showcase your business to the world. Even one customer has the potential to bring in hundreds or even thousands of new leads to your website and into your business. Every day that your website is non-existent, out of date, not mobile friendly, or not working properly could lose you 8 out of 10 of potential customers to your competitors.

Estimate the lifetime value that a single happy customer could bring to your business…

When you do the math, it’s easy to evaluate how gaining even one or two new customers as a result of a dynamic, responsive, beautifully designed website will more than repay for itself. Don’t let one more leads slip away without seeing the full picture. Instead, get your website to a place where new customers are actively seeking you out because they’re already interested in what you have to offer from the peer influence from their friends. Your website, your business, your success… don’t leave it to chance. Give your website the face lift it needs to make that first impression convert to many more lifelong happy customers.


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