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Website Development

I began building websites when I was 12 years old and never quit. It’s been a lifelong passion, and it shows in all my work. Hire someone who knows how to do it right, the first time, without any hand holding. You can focus on what you do best while I build an incredible online web presence for your business. After your website is built, I provide ongoing monthly maintenance and support through one of my care plans so you never have to worry about your site going down, getting hacked, or being maintained for security and providing a top quality experience to your visitors.

Reputation Building & Repair

Nothing speaks louder than the voices of your previous customers. Everyone knows that honest reviews are the key to success online. We all look at them before we make a purchase, but not everyone has a solid reputation.

Through my unique method, I will build and/or repair your business’ online reputation. This is extremely effective for businesses that don’t have any reviews on Google, or have had too many bad ones that your rating has dropped which results in fewer new customers. All my strategies are “white hat” and approved by Google.

Content Writing, Lead Magnets, and eBook Creation

You provide the topic or I’ll rework your existing writing and create an eBook that will help grow your business. You can give it away on your website as a lead magnet or sell it as an eBook. You own the full copyright to the writing, design, and deliverable itself.

Brand Curation

I utilize a combination of StoryBrand and other methods to implement a detailed branding and content strategy to build brand awareness among your existing and future potential customers.

Deliverables (depending on your needs) include: logo, color palette, fonts, custom content that speaks to the needs of your customers in clear and concise language, website design and development, social media strategy, email marketing strategy, landing pages, unique offers for your potential customers (eBooks, strategy sessions, etc).

High Quality, Fast Results

The efficiency of my work is unmatched. I’ve been in this field long enough that it feels like second nature. After the content is ready, I’m able to have most websites done within 10 days and then we have two revisions before launching.

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