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5 Hidden Expenses of Hiring a Budget Web Designer


Your website is the most powerful and persuasive tool in your marketing arsenal. Your site is the first impression and the face of your business, and it truly has the power tomake or break your success. It’s estimated that80% of your target market will look for your website before they choose to spend their money with your business. That’s 8 out of every 10 new customers. Knowing that a website is important, but not fully realizing the value it contributes to their business, many of our clients originally madethe common mistake of hiringa cheap and inexperienced (possibly unbeknownst to them) web designer to create their invaluable first impression. Unfortunately, going cheap meantthey endedup paying a lot more than they ever bargained for.




They often make mistakes, which usually requires quite a bit ofdamage control. You may not notice or realize something is wrong at first until the problemsstart resulting in down time and losing customers. Fixing problems on your website often takes longerto repair than that it would have taken for us to do the jobcorrectly the first time. In some cases, acomplete rebuild of the client’s website was criticaland more affordable than it would have been to clean up all the mistakesthat the budget web designer left behind. When this is the case, we explain why in detail andour clients feelconfident in making this decision, especially since we guarantee all our work, but it’s always a disappointment when theysee all thelost time and money invested in the budget designer go to waste.


The bargain designer often has less experience, which means they take more hours to complete the work. Many jobs that we’re hired to complete are done in under a week when it had taken the previous budget web designer weeks or even months and they were still unable to complete the job, which is why so many clients finally gaveup and turned to us for help.


Many budget web designersrequire more of your time to oversee and supervise their work. They often lack the confidence and experience necessary to effectively problem solve and make quick decisions on their own, which then requires more of your own timeand takes the focus away from otheraspects of running your business. This can easily leadto even more financial loss, since now you’re unable to complete the work that you needed to do for each day that you spentmanaging your designer. This process can feel like an endless loop. You don’t really know how to managethem because you’re not a web designer, that’s why you hired them in the first place, but they can’t effectively get the job done without being hand held through the process. It’s enough to test anyone’s sanity!


Many budget web designers often don’t feel well compensated for their time, on top of lackingthe skills essentialto completingthe work, so they neglect clear communication with their clients. They may stop responding to emails and take weeks to complete even simple changes. It’s not uncommon for them to disappear completely before the work is finishedleaving you hanging out to drywithan incomplete website.


You could be losing valuable customersevery day that your website is down, incomplete, or has errors. An outdated ordysfunctional website often leads customers to believe you’re nolonger in business. You have such a small window to capture your customer’s attention and any problems willlikely deter them away to seek out a competitor instead, unlikely to return to your sitein the future.

Hiring a budget web designer often adds up to a very expensive, inefficient, and painstakingprocess. We understand that every web designer has their starting place, but you need to consider all these factors when deciding what isbest for the success of your business. It could easily end up costingyou many thousands of dollarsover budget, and still possibly no closer to a fully functioning website than you were before.

We know that we’renot the cheapest option, but we hustle and simply get it done, which amounts topaying amuch lower invoice in the end, making us the truly affordable option. We guarantee all our work so you will never feel disappointed for hiring us. We work smarter, not harder, and never miss a deadline. Since we understand the value in quality, weuse high end, premium plugins and custom designed themes incorporated into every website that we build, which results in dynamic, responsive, mobile-friendly, fast, securewebsites that show off your brand without compromising style.

We won’t disappear after launch day. We continue to be there as part of your team, ready to help your business evolve and expandlong after the initial website is complete. Wesave you time, we saveyou money, we even help save your sanity. When you work with ROVE, your customersalwayssee a goodfirst impression, and that’s what matters.

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3 thoughts on “5 Hidden Expenses of Hiring a Budget Web Designer”

  1. Ellie, your work definitely speaks for itself. I couldn’t be happier with my site! I’m just relieved that I found you before I sunk deeper into debt w/ my old designer. Nothing but love for all your hard work. -Rich

  2. Excellent points here Ellie. I completely agree with all of them.

    Another huge reason to avoid a budget web designer is they are most likely going to lack the high level overview necessary to create something that aligns with the business goals of the company.

    Inexperienced designers often think like designers and not as a business owner who’s only interests are revenue and expenses, not colours and font selection.

  3. Really like your website design. True. I’ve faced a person who had hired atleast 10 different web masters but still unhappy with the website. The truth is all of them were cheap. He had his website done for $120.

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