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Freelancers, check out some WordPress communities and feel the love!

This made my day! Working from home can feel isolating in both positive and challenging ways. Overall, I love it. Something that’s helped, though, is becoming more actively involved in web design communities online, some of which meet up in person (like the one where I met Gar), or you can find local people within ... Read more

WP Elevation Certified & Ready to Rock!

One of the perks of the job is that we’re constantly learning something new every day. We’re like a sponge when it comes to absorbing new techniques and ideas. Ellie’s been hanging out over at WP Elevation, studying new approaches to business and digital marketing to expand ROVE and help our clients take their businesses ... Read more

The true value of a single happy customer…


Have you considered the lifetime value of a single happy customer? It’s easy to understand how your website can become an invaluable tool that’s worth every cent when you break down the lifetime value of every new customer. Step 1: One new customer looks for your website and loves what they see. Step 2: They buy your product ... Read more

5 Hidden Expenses of Hiring a Budget Web Designer

Your website is the most powerful and persuasive tool in your marketing arsenal. Your site is the first impression and the face of your business, and it truly has the power to make or break your success. It’s estimated that 80% of your target market will look for your website before they choose to spend their money ... Read more

A Nerdy Love Story

After delving into the awesome-sauce podcasts over at wpBuilds, I started thinking about my own journey into web design and the path I took me from a curious kid to a professional web designer, then to finding my soulmate and growing this business and our lives together. It’s a nerdy love story about how I fell in ... Read more